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Tuesday evening from 9:00pm


Concert with 

the “Good Evening Mr Jack” 


Nirek Mokar

Good Evening Mr Jack

is a 7 extraordinary musician band of Rhythm & Blues, Swing and Rock.

Good Evening Mr Jack explores the black american music of the 40’s and 50’s: the Rhythm and Blues.

This musical style is definitively dancing and fun. It is highly influenced by jazz big bands from the swing apogee, by the rhythm of the Boogie Woogie and by the Blues from which it differentiates thanks to its more positive themes, a faster beat and an accentuation of the horns and the drum. 

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Nirek Mokar

Nirek Mokar is a young indian living in Paris only 16 aged. Since his childhood, he had the luck to listen and see playing all the Boogie Woogie experts in the “Paris Boogie Speakeasy” where his father worked. It is here that his passion for Boogie Woogie piano took him. Only 6 years ago, following the advices of Jean-Paul Amouroux, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Jean-Baptiste Franc..., he began to learn playing piano on his own in the “Paris Boogie Speakeasy” because he hasn’t got piano at home. Passionnate by this music but as well by the Blues and Rock and Roll, he spend as much time as he can after school. Showing an incredible maturity and an exceptional swing, he become quickly a reference for the Boogie Woogie fans.




Friday evening from 9:00 pm

Concert with

The Swing Shouters

The Swing Shouters is a quintet that will bring you a tsunami of energy, covering and re-interpreting the Jazz Swing standards from the 30’s and 40’s.

After more than 200 concerts in France and Europe, the quintet decided to develop new organisations from the little band (Septet) to the big band, going from rhythm and blues to 50’s and the New Orleans walking bands.


Saxophone ténor - Sing : Sylvain Roudier
Trombone : Benoist Pasquier
Contre basse : Carl Cordelier
Drums : Alban Aupert
Guitare - Sing : David Ménager




Saturday evening from 9:00 pm

Concert with

Shouters & Girls 

On the Rocks

This quintet, completed by two chorists will propose a standard Rhythm and Blues music played around Ray Charles and Louis Prima’s creations. 

Musiciens :

Guitare - Sing : David Ménager
Choeurs : Aurélia Lépine - Lise Bourbon
Saxophone ténor : Sylvain Roudier
Saxophone baryton : Samuel Durand
Contre basse : Carl Cordelier
Drums : Aban Aupert